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Never Settling, Always Growing

Last weekend, I shot my last wedding of the year.  It was a wedding that allowed me to bring out everything I had learned in nearly four years of shooting weddings in just ten hours.  At the end of the night, I hugged Nadine & Derrek a second or two longer than usual knowing in my heart that they were my last wedding clients of 2011. 

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Christina & Chuck: Wedding At City Hall

This past Friday, I was humbled at the opportunity to work with a very sweet couple who shared their big day with me as they got married on a sunny afternoon at City Hall in NYC. This was a last minute booking but as I spoke to Christina for the first time on the phone and heard her awesome Australian accent and pleasant telephone voice, I knew I had to meet her.  Christina and her husband Chuck decided to tie the knot in a charming low key sort of way.  They had each other and Chuck's adoring parents beaming with happiness for the newlyweds.  Here is a preview to Christina & Chucks City Hall Wedding. I can't wait to show you more from their special day.  Stay tuned! See Beauty... Ariane Follow me on Twitter!

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Everybodys Hands Go......UP!! The Wedding of Seon & Aiyisha

Happy happy Friday!  It's finally here; the weekend AND Aiyisha & Seon's wedding day photos!  { Check out the wedding slideshow!} It was 11:00 AM and the hallways were empty and the hotel room was quiet and still; all of the details were in place for the wedding day of Aiyisha and Seon.  Soon there would be a burst of activity flurried with friends, family, excitement, and laughter. It's true that the perfect wedding dress is out there for everyone; it's as if this one was made just for Aiyisha :). She was the perfect maid of honor helping her sister on one of the most happiest days of her life. Yep, she's ready :). Meanwhile, on the floor above Aiyisha was her perfect groom prepping moments before seeing his wife; he never stops smiling :). Check out these guys.  Looking preeeettty SHARP! Almost show time! This is what happiness looks like :). Fierce ladies; simply fierce! Let me see your serious face.....ok, gooooood! lol Now let's have a little fun.   On my count.....JUMP!! lol Aiyisha & Seon featuring Princess Aiyanna.  No seriously, that's how it was written on the wedding day pamphlet, "Flower Girl: Princess Aiyanna".  Lol, very cute I must say :). Can I just say...?  I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE this pic.  This was their entrance as husband and wife.  But guess what song they're dancing too?  "All I Do Is Win" and this is the part where "everybodys hands go up".  Check out the song if you're in the mood to jump out of your chair and start dancing, lol. Aiyanna practiced this dance with her dad for weeks.  She did an awesome job! Mr & Mrs. Defritas.....pure bliss Perfect day for a perfect couple.  Aiyisha & Seon, I wish you nothing but joy and happiness in your marriage; your love is beautiful. Be sure to check out the SLIDESHOW for more on Aiyisha & Seon's wedding day :). A special thank you to: Tara Schott, Videographer of Parasol Video Productions.  You were so awesome to work with; hopefully our paths will cross again.  Aaannnd DJ's Mike Bacon & Christopher Smith for keeping the music going allllll niiiigggght loooongg!  :)

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Everyone Has A Story

From a very young age I was always obsessed with reading.  Everything from the story of Babar, Curious George, to the Berenstein Bears (I had the whole book collection!).  I would lock myself up in my bedroom with the light green painted walls and stuffed animals dolls hanging from the shelves and plant myself in front of a book.  Sometimes for hours and hours, I'd read book after book and be taken away, if only for a moment, to get a small peek into the world of another person (or in this case, cartoon character lol). My personal journey as a wedding and portrait photographer has so far been just that; a journey.  Self-discovery and a roller coaster ride all wrapped up in one.  And with each step I make, I am creating the story of my life.   Whether it's an interesting story isn't really the point but the fact that it's my unique story of where I came from to this very moment is still unfolding.  And that's what I find so exciting in my work as a photographer.  Whenever I am with a client is another opportunity to be invited into their world to create and be apart of their unique story; even for a moment.  Whether it's shooting their wedding day, observing their love during an engagement session, or photographing a mother-to-be during a maternity shoot; together we are creating a story.

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Aiyisha + Seon Wedding Details, Details, Details!!  

Ok so it's Wednesday and you know what that means?!!  Jersey Shore tomorrow night! I seriously love that show.  It's my guilty pleasure; don't judge me! So I'm officially in editing mode from the Aiyisha & Seon's wedding I shot last Saturday.  I ended up with nearly 2k photos from start to finish; insane!  What I usually do to make the editing process not seem so daunting is I split up my photos in categories of four; Details, Ceremony, Portraits, and Reception.  After going through the first phase of editing, there's a few detail shots I'd like to share. Plus blogging this post is a good excuse to take a break from editing right now ;). Soooo this is the gorgeous dress Aiyisha wore for her big day.  As a matter of fact, the day I met Aiyisha for the first time to talk about her wedding was the same day she went wedding dress shopping with her girlfriends.  I remember her telling me how she had found THE perfect dress and she was so excited :). And in case you were wondering what shoes she wore....BAM!! lol  It was her something blue :). You can imagine how beautiful she looked for her wedding day.  Ok, that's my time, gotta get back to editing.  But stay tuned for more pics from Aiyisha and Seon's wedding day.  You won't believe what *err ahem* shoes Seon and his groomsmen wore!  Ahhh what the heck, here's one more!  How fun!! I'm so glad they wore these sneakers; livens things up a bit! Thanks all! More photos to come :). See Beauty... Ariane

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